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We will make sure that your pictures will be as unique as your lovestory. 

Amalfi coast scenic view with sea mountains and sailboats in Capri Italy



To make your day and pictures as magical as you dream of, we will help you with the timeline planning, suggest the best places and be your soundingboard to make your day trully amazing. 

elopement in copenhagen by night in tivoli with many lights in different colours



Whether you want to hike, elope in stunning nature with vulcanoes and glaciers or explore European capital cities, we will be there for you to immortalize your adventure.

Copenhagen city by water at sunset with sailboats with text let's elope in Copenhagen
Capri with boats blue sea colorful houses and mountains



Usually 2 witnesses are required at a wedding ceremony and we will gladly be yours!



Zip your dress, or dry your happy-tears, give you snacks and comfort your fears, we will be your friends throughout this adventure so your day will be as beautiful as you imagine.

luxurious shopping mall in Italy
Gay elopement couple in costumes hugging

"Capturing the moments of today that will wow your heart tomorrow"



We are a husband and wife team adventure elopement photographers, based in Sweden, working worldwide

Photographer Irene Urskog Smiling

Irene Urskog

I’m a photographer and freelance journalist, used to document the raw and true and telling unique stories, adventurer and explorer, whose soul sings at the most beautiful places and when accomplishing the most stunning pictures. Being a dreamer, visionaire, creator, loving movies full of magic and adventures like Harry Potter, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, the curious case of Benjamin Button, and lovestories like…Mr & Mrs Smith and…yes, Twilight.

If you want your elopement pictures to be like taken straight out of a magical movie – filled with passion, love, stunning views, adventure and all of the ingredients that will make you relive your special day again and again, every time you look at the pictures, we are the right fit. I am a strong believer that life is lived only once, and should be lived fully and truly.

Photographer Rickard Urskog smiling

The photographer with the eye for detail, usually always having silly jokes or interesting mythological tales at hand, the practical handy down to earth type who makes sure the schedules are kept, the places are reached and the visions actually made come alive and true.

As a strong believer that food is the true way of staying happy over time, he always brings snacks, fruits and bars to keep everyone happy – read - not hungry.

Rickard Urskog

Photographer Rickard tending a bonfire at night


Considerate, make no harm and love is love! 

Capturing your moments and helping with your elopement plans, we value and respect nature and wildlife. Seeing ourselves as guests wherever we go, our main goal is to leave places just as we found them♡ Additionally, we make sure to follow local principles and guidelines, respecting the unique charm of each destination worldwide.


Cherish Your Unique Love Story: Elopement pricing and Packages

At Urskog Photpgraphy, we understand that every love story is one-of-a-kind. Our elopement pricing and packages are thoughtfully designed to celebrate your unique journey. Whether you envision an intimate mountaintop exchange or a seaside sunset ceremony, we have crafted packages that go beyond capturing moments; they embody the essence of your love.

elope positano.jpg

Let's elope in EUROPE


Photography coverage including full-resolution image files with printing rights, digital gallery to view, download, & print.

2 photographers for the price of 1.

We always are photographing as a team, this is also a security for you, if one of us get sick, you will still get one of us to photograph you.

Elopement planning assistance including location ideas, personally designed timeline for your special day, activity ideas.

Photographers travel fees are included in the price anywhere in Europe (no extra travel fees).

Packages available starting at $ 5,500

All our packages include:

Irene's work as a freelancejournalist published in magazines such as: 

logotype of a magazine
logotype of a magazine